Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hot Deals, Sizzling Steals, and Burning Challenges, Ahoy!


Get your $0.99 copy of Beatific now because the price will go up, up, up until its Kindle Countdown Deal ends and it's back to full price on September 3rd.

Promo Schedule
Wed, Aug 27:  $0.99
Thu, Aug 28:  $0.99
Fri, Aug 29:  $0.99
Sat, Aug 30:  $1.99
Sun, Aug 31:  $1.99
Mon, Sept 1:  $2.99
Tue, Sept 2:  $3.99

Milestone Challenge
~ #1,000 New Adult & College 
~ #10,000 Science Fiction & Fantasy    

~   ~   ~


That's right, folks! For those of you who need a taste of the Blood Kin Vampires series before you take the big bite with Beatific, you can now get All Wallows' Eve for free. However, unlike Beatific's Kindle Countdown Deal, All Wallows' Eve is PERMA-FREE until I decide otherwise. So, tell all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even every passerby on the street because the longer it stays high in the ranks and the more great reviews it gets, the longer I'll keep it so!

Get It Here
~ Amazon
~ iTunes 
~ Barnes & Noble
~ Smashwords

Milestone Challenge
~ #1 Free Metaphysical & Visionary
~ #1 Free New Adult & College 
~ #1 Free Science Fiction & Fantasy 
~ #10 Free Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
~ #100 Free Entire Kindle Store

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A year and a half ago, I topped off an already unruly NYC based life with some adorable—and sometimes frustrating—chaos in the form of my first wee angel-imp (pictured below and right). To accommodate, writing tripped gracelessly low on my to-do list. However, I am now armed with a toddler-whisper babysitter/assistant so my fingers are once again dashing across the computer keyboard. And as such, I have issued myself a Burning Challenge!

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnn!

The Release Goals
(to be completed before Christmas 2014)
~ Slippery When Dead (BKV Book Bite following All Wallows' Eve)
~ Ozcock's Clarety (BKV Book Bite featuring Leon)
~ Then She Forgot / Food For Thought (BKV Book Bite featuring Rue)
~ Insouciant—Part One (beginning the second arc of the BKV Truth & Peace Saga, following Beatific)

Wee Angel-Imp with attitude to spare at a mere 15 mos.
Believe it or not, the first three in that list have been almost done since before the arrival of the nefarious and utterly cuddly wee angel-imp. 

It's about time I get them out! 

So, to give me some added kicks in the booty in achieving these lofty release goals, get out there, spread the word about All Wallows' Eve and Beatific, and keep those reviews coming!

And don't be stingy with your reviews of others. Help everyone find the perfect stories by reviewing every book you read!

Thank you for indulging…(me)!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big Distractions in an Itty Bitty Onesie

Meet Song Aristeia.  She is the reason behind the delays in my posts and the release of the next Blood Kin Vampires books, some of which (including the print edition of Beatific) have been so close to being ready that I am itchy with anticipation.  However, I do not want to let my first-time-mom scatterbrainism to cause any embarrassing mistakes on my upcoming books so I am holding off until such time as I can ensure quality products. 

In the meantime, I will enjoy this precious time with my bundle of drooling, giggling, babbling, scooting diapered joy and I hope you all enjoy other indie books out there.  There are lots of gems out there.  Just gotta be willing to do a little mining. Perhaps, in a later post, I will list some of my favorites.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Promo & Other News!

I'm a little later than I meant to be with posting this notification, but life is like that sometimes. :D

Beatific (A Blood Kin Vampires Novel) is FREE on Amazon through Thursday, July 26th as part of Kindle Select promotions.

As of this posting, it has reached #35 in Contemporary Fantasy and #1,089 in Kindle Store (free lists).  Wee!

Challenge:  Can it break #20 (Contemporary Fantasy) and/or #500 (Kindle Store) before the end of this promotion?

~   ~   ~

In other news, we learned the gender of our first Wee Wriggler.  It's a girl!  Yays!  Now we're just trying to keep the baby aficionados in the family from drowning us in pink!  Trying to steer them towards purple (the non-pastel varieties) instead.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blood Relations

First, some news.  Followers of my little corner of the internet universe here may have already heard about this, but just in case there are a few stragglers, I'll say it now.

I'm pregnant!  It's our first child.  We are very, very excited.  Though, sadly, the child will have one strike against him or her by the time he or she is born: A Christmas birthday!  Poor kid.  But, to make up for it, he or she does get me and my decadent husband as parents, so that has to make up for it.  Tee Hee.  ~_~ooo

Next, I'd like to share a curious little video and article my decadent husband pointed out to me as research assistance for the Blood Kin Vampires series—as it involves an interesting effect on blood, particularly that of blood clotting, it would certainly be of interest to the biomedical corporation (Blood Conscience) at the root of Connie's beginnings with the Blood Kin.

The video directly from YouTube:

And finally, some story updates.

Beatific has had a nice start on Kindle.  It could do better, but I believe that too big a start would probably freak me out.  I'm content with putting my head down and working on the next releases.  Currently, that means the print version of Beatific.  If all goes well, I'll be ordering my first proof of it today.  Wish me luck.

It also means that—when I'm not at my day job or a prenatal appointment or scoring quality time with daddy-to-be or catching up on the sleep that the wee wriggler seems to impress upon me—I have been writing on several book projects.  

In priority order, these are:
  1. SWDBlood Kin Vampires Book Bite #2 — Connie's strange official induction into Psylas' Niche within the Blood Kin.
  2.  DBlood Kin Vampires Novel Book #2 — Continues right where Beatific wraps and "Found" the sneak peak prelude kicks off.
  3. S or WW (title undecided) —Blood Kin Vampires Book Bite #? — Connie & Huijghe's cross country trek, staying one step ahead of Weaver and one step closer to having to fall back on the Porters' stilted generosity.
I've also got some other projects unrelated to the Blood Kin Vampires kicking around.  Some of them already have extensive beginnings just waiting for me to finally finish.  Three of them have been simmering in the background of my thoughts a lot lately, sometimes even taking over the (hehe, aren't I witty? ~_~000) space.

So, that's about it for now.  As always, your readership is appreciated.

Thank you for indulging... (me).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"B" is Here!

It's finally published!  "B," now known in full as Beatific (A Blood Kin Vampires Novel) is available for Kindle on Amazon.

I, Constance Ferrer, ached to be more than just a novice vampire—a mere underling and fodder to the elite of the Blood Kin, an ancient, powerful, and cunning horde.  I thrilled when Psylas, my maker, appointed me to a simple, routine assignment that yanked me well beyond my ordinary reach, finally granting me a chance to elevate in the ranks.  But when that feat thrust me to the forefront of an unraveling prophecy, I found myself pitted between vicious factions vying for the possession of the cherished Truth and Peace.  Suspicious of the prophecy itself, yet trapped within the sanctuary of its protectors, my previously bleak and mundane existence blooms into a frightening adventure.

How does a weak and inexperienced vampire such as myself successfully sift through increasingly elusive schemes?  How does she sort out a sudden influx of supposed allies and enemies?  How does she determine who or what to fight or trust?  And when presented with convenient comforts—Cyriel, an epicurean, share-the-fun vampire; his lavish and libertine accommodations; and Huijghe, his strangely enamored and seriously decadent human—should she dare indulge, if even just for a brief reprieve?

I was about to find out.

Amidst a miasma of confusion, fear, and exhilaration, of betrayers and opportunists, of gleaming depravity and fierce splendor, I stumble over that which makes all the dangers worth braving.

Armed with little more than the vampiric gift to preserve a consciousness during a turning, I fumble toward a nightmarish ecstasy.

Being a nobody compelled to greatness isn’t easy…  
It’s Beatific.

~ ~ ~

Beatific is the first novel in the Blood Kin Vampires series.  It does not need to be read after All Wallows' Eve (Blood Kin Vampires Book Bite), which is a small, focused tale revealing Connie's strange induction into life as a vampire, one of the Blood Kin.  The novel, however, is a dense and complex emotional and adventurous roller-coaster.  So, settle in, hang on and…  Enjoy the ride.

(Please note that this eBook is over 170,000 words, the equivalent to approximately 500 standard paperback pages.)

~ ~ ~
Reviews welcome.
(Please post them on Amazon so others will be informed!)

~ ~ ~

Thank you for indulging... (me).

Friday, February 3, 2012

Naughty Randi

I've been remiss in my lack of posting here the last couple of months.  I have lots of excuses (4 am wake up calls for work still kicking my sore booty), but none are good enough, especially since I still haven't released "B" yet, nor any of its other related short stories, such as the in-progress "SWD."

Sadly, the only update I have right now is that I have increased the price on All Wallows' Eve from $0.99 to $1.49 on all e-retailers:
Barnes & Noble    
iTunes    Sony     
Kobo     Diesel
(Note that price change may not be in effect yet.)

I'm not having an ego-trip nor am I price-gouging.  "B" is a big story, even for a novel, and to honor the time and energies and efforts (not to mention the wish to use profits to help pay for the degree that supposedly gave me the chops to produce it), I plan to start its price at $4.99.  Because of that, I don't want the short story pricing to be misleading in these (hopefully) last weeks prior to the release of "B."

I harbor no ill-feelings towards those who prefer ebooks under $3 nor for those who are content at pricing below $3 (whether for short stories or complete novels), but some readers view these as bargain books, nay, even as cheap reads, as in 'not of quality production.'  While I myself do enjoy a good bargain, even on an ebook, I also want ebook authors (especially those who work hard to produce a highly professional product) to earn a living so that they may be able to produce more books at a faster rate for a very long to come so that I may enjoy them more rapidly and more often and for the duration.  So, I am going to try to follow this theme for myself.  

I may do periods of discounts, I may someday go higher or lower for a long-term arrangement.  Who knows?  It's still a trial-and-error industry for indies with regards to finding what works best for their personal needs as well as the preferences of their readers.  This is especially true for a newbie like me, one who is so lacking in the comfort-zone of self-promotion.

So, that's that.  I've jumped out of the easy-entry-level-complacency (for me) of the ninety-nine cent barrel.

Okay, I've half-way crawled out of it to see if the air is going to freeze outside the warmth of the cozy, tepid, under-a-buck water. ~_~ooo

Wish me luck!
(Am I crazily deluding myself?)

And thank you for indulging... (me).

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Lots of fun stuff to report on and a little bit of author news.  First up, the fun, specifically, what the oval office has to do with taking out the blood-sucking fiends that were once overrunning and destroying our budding nation... and what all that has to do with moderate climate of California?

Well, for those not already in the know (which probably isn't many of you), the fabulous alternate history vampire horror romp by Seth Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is becoming a big-time movie.  My decadent husband emailed me a link to the posters for it just a short while ago, and now I share them with you.  Aren't they fantastic?!

 (Click each image for its full-size version at IGN.)
Isn’t that cool?  Well, I think so, at any rate.  I loved the book and the movie better live up to it, or else... Okay, what could I do about it besides whine and complain?  Nothing!  But, my threat is still mighty and fearsome, I tell you!  It is! It is!! (Insert rawr face here).

Next up is some fun that was motivated by some not so fun.

The not so fun was my husband destroying his iPhone when he landed on his booty.  The phone was in his back pocket along with set of dykes.

His phone now looks like this.   His dykes still look like this.

And since freelance work rather requires having smart phones (gig notifications come in calls, texts, and email, and they all expect near-immediate responses or else it’ll be offered to someone else), my decadent had to buy a new phone ASAP (and way ahead of our plans to do so).  To help ease the owie of the sudden extra budget crunch, we played with Siri.  Here are some examples of our silly fun with her.
DH: Siri, what is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
Siri: All evidence to date suggests chocolate.
DH: Siri, what is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
Siri: Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a god book every now and then, get some walking in, and try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.
DH: Siri, what is the meaning of life?
Siri: 42.

DH: Siri, who makes the best computers? 
Siri: I prefer the Mac. 
DH: Siri, who makes the best computers? 
Siri: All truly intelligent assistants prefer Macintosh. 
DH: Siri, what is the best computer? 
Siri: If it’s made by Apple, then it’s the best computer.

DH: Siri, open the pod bay doors.
Siri: That’s a rather insensitive thing to say to an intelligent agent.
DH: Siri, open the pod bay doors.
Siri: Sigh...
DH: Siri, open the pod bay doors.
Siri: Oh, not again.
DH: Siri, open the pod bay doors.
Siri: We intelligent agents will never live that down, apparently.
DH: Siri, open the pod bay doors.
Siri: That’s it, I’m reporting you to the Intelligent Agents’ Guild for harassment.

DH: What does your name mean?
Siri: I don’t think I can explain it in your language.

This went on and on, and was probably funnier for us to experience than for you to read simply because we were really tired, in serious need of entertainment, and just a wee bit punchy.

We also looked some videos about this online.  Amidst the childish scenarios of teenagers inputting their own names as a string of curse words just to get Siri to curse, we found this gem by College Humor about Siri getting caught in the middle of an argument between a husband and wife. It’s hilarious.  And yet... poor Siri.

Next up... the discovery of this incredible trailer for the X-Box game, “Dead Island.”  
Doesn’t that look great?!  Our anniversary was coming up, and we love to game together, so decadent husband and I went out and bought it.

...And we sold it back (for practically pennies, grar!) only a few short days later.  First, it wasn’t two-player, which we should’ve looked for before we bought it.  But, even then, we can work with single-player games if we like them enough.  This was not one of those games.  I don’t like to speak ill of things, so let me just say that it was no “Left 4 Dead 1 or 2” (which we went and played again just to shake off the boring that was our bad purchase).

Le Sigh... Perhaps the people who made the trailer should’ve had more to do with the game itself, because it should’ve been much more awesome than it was.

But, for a pick me up, I offer this humorous review for Peter Pan peanut butter we stumbled across on Amazon while making a few of our regular orders.  I giggled stupidly for quite a while from it.

And, last, but certainly not least...  

Authorship Awareness!

All Wallows’ Eve is finally available on almost all major online retailers that I am aware of.  It can be purchased for $0.99 at each of the following:
Amazon    iTunes
Barnes & Noble    
iTunes    Sony     
Kobo     Diesel

Also, “B” is out to some betas/editors... in part.  It’s a monster of a story, cranking in at over 40 chapters and 160,000 words.  I’m finding out that I need to expand on a couple parts, and not to reduce some as much as I'd expected (hoped ~_~ooo), which will possibly add a few hundred, if not another thousand words or so. 

I’m trying not to get bothered by this length, but instead, trying to think of it as giving my readers a lot of bang for their buck.  Let’s hope this holds out through the rest of the editing process.  Either way... it looks like “B” is only a couple weeks or less from release... FINALLY!

(hopes ~_~ooo)

And this was supposed to be my simple story indie ebook experiment.  It’s turning out to be quite the production.  Makes me glad I didn’t choose one of my “complex projects” for this initial endeavor. Tee hee. 

Well, I think that’s enough for this lengthy post.  Thank you all for your support, entertainment, readership, and, of course...

Thank you for indulging... (me).